Links to various games or add-ons I've worked on.

Text-based games

As the names sometimes suggest, these are very loosely roguelikes in some respects (turn based, fairly short, intended to be completed without dying and reloading, text-based graphics).

They were written around ten years ago, so the Windows binaries should still work, but the Linux binaries and source code might be harder to get running. I might fix them up a bit if I get time.


As well as various contributions mainly to the AI and scripting interfaces of Oolite itself, I've written several expansion packs.

If you're developing your own pack, then these build scripts may be useful.

There are a few more packs which I haven't maintained recently and probably don't work particularly well with the core changes since I wrote them. New Cargoes especially needs a ground-up rewrite to use the new commodity features properly.

And finally, some very experimental packs to demonstrate some of the 'full conversion' features SOTL Exploration - SOTL Startup - SOTL Altmap

Space-sim simulator

One of the things I've been interested in with Oolite is the ecology - making a functioning and believable situation where the behaviour of the NPCs makes sense (in so far as it can with the setting...) and therefore hopefully the player can see situations occuring without them, and choose whether or not to get involved. A lot of the AI and Populator rewrites I did for Oolite 1.80, including the Comms Pack A OXP, were trying to get that to work better.

Space-sim simulator sets up a basic ecosystem with pirates, traders and bounty hunters, then lets you change the rules - ship performance, trade good costs, legal system, etc. - to see what effect this might have. It starts with some Oolite-derived settings.

If you want a challenge, try to set up some settings which are long-term stable and give all three professions roughly similar positive average profits.